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As an organization that strives for equality, UH Society of Women Engineers stands with our University and our city in supporting the African American community. We believe in the importance of spreading the word and doing our part to support our SWEsters, peers, and fellow Houstonians in the African American community. We stand with you. Click the link below to learn you can aid the cause.


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Welcome to our website! We’re glad you are interested in the SWE-UH section! We are a supportive community for women in engineering, and our goal is to empower women to succeed with their fullest potential as engineers and leaders. 


We have many fantastic events planned this year, and we would love for you to join us. We hold a variety of events every year, such as socials, volunteering events, outreach events, workshops, the Career Fair, and professional development events. There are many ways for you to get involved outside of our events too. For example, joining one of our committees helps you work better in teams, improve your communication and listening skills, and develop your leadership skills. We also have a mentorship program in which upperclassmen mentor and guide freshmen and sophomores to set them up for success from the start of their education. If you are a graduate student or are interested in graduate school, our SWEGrad program is specifically designed for you.


Membership in SWE provides you with so many opportunities. You can meet people in different majors, hear about different industries from company representatives, and be exposed to perspectives that are different from your own. SWE offers you valuable personal and professional development help year-round. As a part of our SWE community, you can also meet great, like-minded people who help you work towards your goals. I joined SWE my freshmen year, and I still remember how uplifted and inspired I felt at the first event I attended. I quickly found myself meeting wonderful and encouraging people that I could relate to and learn from in many ways. Years later, and I still get the same feeling at SWE events. I am grateful to be leading a fulfilling organization that continues to grow stronger and greater with every day, inspiring and empowering the next group of amazing women engineers. 


If you are not already a member, please join SWE-UH today! Detailed instructions can be found via About > How to Join. We would love to see you at our upcoming events!


Mary Bittar 

President 2021-2022

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